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Andrew C.

Andrew C.

Andrew C.

Andrew C.wrote a review of on September 7, 2010

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The price point for this piece is a little absurd, even for Arteryx.

I just bought one and have been wearing it on windy days around 60 degrees and it's just doing the trick in the shade.

I can't imagine wearing this without a significant base layer in any weather under 50 degrees.

I believe this is one of the more expensive softshells they make. However, I find that it's about the same thing as wearing a polyester adidas warm up jacket, with slightly more wind resistance.

I need a softshell that can function as an outer layer during all but the most frigid days, function as a mid layer when it rains, and suffice with just a t-shirt underneath in the fall and spring.

Anyone compare this to the Marmot Sharp Point?