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Abdon G.

Abdon G.

Abdon G.

Abdon G.wrote a review of on December 27, 2012

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I got this for my girl as her first high-end all-mountain board (definition: all snow conditions, from bottomless powder to crud to groomers). My own board is a Neversummer Summit with a similar rocker-camber profile but a larger nose, further setback, and pin-tail; a more powder board.

This board is outstanding. With the bindings centered, it seems to hold a decent edge on groomers (I didn’t ride it myself but watching my girl noticed improved edge hold) On my experience this particular rocker-camber-rocker profile requires a peculiar carving technique; if you try to initiate the turn with pressure on the front foot and finish it with pressure on the back, the tail feels like it is kicking out a bit. If instead you put even pressure (lean on your toes, sit on your heels) you will find it more amenable.

On powder; set the bindings all the way back (which will look funky if you are not used to a board that lets you have that much setback) and it floats effortlessly. While this model is based on the male Premier F-1, the softer flex is where the lotus becomes a different board; the softer flex enhances flotation while dampening a lot of the crud you will encounter.

If you are a bigger girl with the weight/height/experience to flex a larger and stiffer F-1 (smaller model is 159cm), I would take that. If you are a short and light male with a penchant for the all mountain powder experience, this would be your F-1.

I like to say again that this board will require you to adjust your carving style. Until you figure out the applying even pressure front and back while carving technique, it will feel odd.




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