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aarola_5803941wrote a review of on September 22, 2011

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I was sick of using a trash bag inside my Duluth Packs during my trips up to the BWCA, so I figured I would get one of these to try them out.

The waterproofing of the pack worked perfect. All of my stuff stayed dry even with a downpour on the second day. Just like any pack without an internal/external frame, it takes a few times packing it to find the correct way to make it comfortable. I would recommend getting smaller stuff sacks to place things in so you know where everything is.

I got the 70L and was able to fit a 2p tent, 2 sleeping bags, clothes and all of our cooking gear/food into the bag. I'm glad I didn't get the 115L as that would've been a lot bigger than I was looking for.