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Zootwrote a review of on January 1, 2011

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I got this boot last week and just got to try it out. Was VERY skeptical about BOA lacing, as I've always thought it was a gimmick. Also the top part is velcro.. A very unusual lacing combination indeed!

However, on the mountain it rode really well. Nice cushioning support all thru the foot and lots of heel support. Also the 2 zone lacing helps so much! I've never experienced anything like it, as I only had laces until now, but dang! Keeping the foot locked down and the upper ankle a bit looser felt super good in the park. Whenever I wanted to go for jumps, all i had to do was tighten the velcro on the top and I was good to go with a stiffer boot. SUper easy, super reliable.

For this price, it's hard to find other makers that offer 2 zone lacing. Great bang for buck