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ZenMasterDwrote a review of on December 30, 2008

2 5

Pros: Well made, super light and almost perfect for weight concious high altitude ascents. Zippers are water proof quality. Adequate gear straps.

Cons: Price, single point of access to bag, zero back support, one ice axe/tools velcro strap

For $100, this is an expensive luxury to have as your secondary pack. This was made as a pack with climbers in mind. Though falling short. As a weight concious gearhead, no one would complain about the benefits of an side access zipper. The pack is light enough to allow that much. The shoulder straps are light, well made and comfortable enough and have gear loops for extra crabs, QDs etc. Though it falls short of expelling exess sweat and moisture.

My biggest gripe though is the part of the pack that comes in contact with the back. The pack itself is flimsy and sags due to the lack of back support. A piece of foam is all you get. The foam's effect is actually negated and doesn't come in contact with the back at all if you're sporting a water bladder. Once the bladder is inserted, the only thing between you and the bladder is the nylon material which the pack is made from. The bladder should be on the opposite side of the foam but isn't. If you're starting in the early morning, this leads to starting your climb/hike with your h20 bladder uncomfortably cold (sometimes frozen) and uncontoured to your spine. The hip straps could use some padding.

Despite the quality construction and intentions you could tell that this was a prototyped rushed into production and poorly executed. Where were the testers who objected to the lack of back design ?

Better luck next time. Hopefully the price won't go up.




ZenMasterDwrote a review of on December 13, 2007

4 5

This hoody is just something I enjoy wearing everywhere. The comfort and texture feels great, though as others have said there should be wind proofing / resistance for the price. If you've got the $200 to blow on this without any worries, do so, if you need a more technical piece, get what you need and don't be tempted by just the brand.