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Benjamin Y.

Benjamin Y.

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Benjamin Y.

Benjamin Y.wrote a review of on January 9, 2008

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i recently got this board alongside with a pair of burton p1 one bindings. i ski a lot in the northeast especially vermont, i got to test it out from the 13th to the 30th which experienced a large variance in conditions. first this was powder, pakced powder, and then ice. the board held its own in each of these conditions. I never lost my edge one time in all my boarding. the board is also a very stable board, it is much wider then the burton custom. while is was up there my bro demoed a new burton custom and i got to ride that a little. the custom felt more aggresive and definitly lighter, but i also feel it is also isnt stable at times which could lead to unnecessary wipeouts at fast conditions. as far as jumping goes the custom is def lighter and u can get more air, but the arbor does not disappoint in this category either, the board has alot of flex to it, which can give you a nice pop. there is also the way it looks, but that shouldn't play into a factor when purchasing your board. overall i would say this is a good board that gives you a fast, very responsive, and very stable board in the arbor element