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YUwrote a review of on January 3, 2010

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PRO:This is probably the nicest pants I've ever bought/had. Pockets are nice and deep, cargo is nice. The thigh vents are a godsend when in the car, hiking up that ridge, etc. The "chimney" venting system or so they call it WORKS... albeit too much. It was below 0 and had some cold wind up my inner thigh to my... Maybe because it was baggy as well, but I could feel the wind when snowboarding. After the weather/me warmed up, it went away. The fit is just like a nice baggy pair of snowboarding pants. Never cold because I wear some sweat pants/snowboarding socks underneath; if it gets hot, then I open up the vents.

CON: Price, but I got it at a outlet for less than $100. I'm 5'6, 135, and this would be so much better if it were 1 inch shorter in length. For some reason, TNF thinks people have 20 inch ankles so the gaiter diameter is huge. What's up TNF?? Seems like they used the same rubber "cuff" for ALL sizes..

If it weren't for the CONS I would have spent the $160 or so on these pants.... but fortunately, I got em for $80, so for the price, they rock!