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Willwrote a review of on January 15, 2010

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This vest fits true-to-size and a Large fits me comfortably (6'1" 200lbs) with room for a hoody underneath.

-Extremely durable: uses the same shell as many of the other Canada Goose jackets
-Stylish: while its highly subjective, I think the black looks fantastic especially since its quite rare to see relative to the Nuptse
-Warm!: Canada Goose prides itself on using high quality down and it shows
-Versatile: I can wear this over a fleece and then under a shell or by itself. I'm not hesitant to wear this by itself because of how durable it is.
-Fit: Not overly bulky

-Not packable: Because of the durable outer shell, it doesnt fold into itself like many other down vests
-Price: Noticeable price premium over other down vests

Buy this vest:
-If you like wearing a vest by itself without worry about snagging or ripping
-If you like wearing a vest under a shell
-Don't want to own a Nuptse vest (like everyone else)

Look elsewhere:
-If price is a major factor
-If you need a more technical vest that can be packed and thrown into a backpack

Coming from the Nuptse vest, I was pleasently surprised at how durable the Freestyle is. I'm definitely not worried about snagging or ripping the jacket to have down fly everywhere. Canada Gooes has recently become somewhat of a fashion statement but make no mistake, this is an extremely solid vest and while its not the most technical vest, is extremely versatile.