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Wisconsin, by the Mississippi. I'm found all over the bluffs of a weekend.

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Hiking & Camping

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I'm a 40YO mother of 2, a 7-y0 who loves to hike and a 20 yo couch potato.

Weekends find us all over bluff country with our packs on, making trails all over.

We Hike with Osprey Packs, and love them. The design and guarantee is just fabulous.

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Wiconiwrote a review of on October 14, 2011

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I purchased this pack 2 years ago for a trip my (then) 6-year old and I were taking to Yellowstone. We wanted to do some extended day hiking, and an overnight or two.

This pack is absolutely ajustable for just about any kid. She completed her first hike with it, a backcountry 7-mile round trip in a single day, carrying about 10 pounds, and the only thing she complained about were her wet feet. She uses it now for 4-6 day backpacking adventures and is carrying up to 20 lbs for the long trips.

It will hold her sleeping bag and pad, clothes, water bladder, and all her gear, plus she carries the cookstove and pot.

This pack is tricked out with all the adjustability and forethought of Osprey's adult packs, and BONUS! In about 90 seconds can be re-fit to become a great and very comfortable adult day-pack. She loves the built-in whistle in the sternum strap and the hip-belt pockets are an easy place for her to store her treasures, or a quick snack for the trail.

Without question, this pack is designed to be ajustable and grow with a child - it certainly has the capability to be continuously adjustable and see her into adolescence or further. The only reason she'll ever have to get another repack is the 35L capacity limit....perfect for a small child - but hard to make work for an adult.

Conservatively, she has about 50 miles on her pack in the first 2 years (with no visible signs of wear and tear) question, there will be 1000 or more before she's done with it. I's built to last a lifetime, and comes with Osprey's "Almighty Guarantee" .

You simply can't go wrong with this pack for a child.