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Peter A.

Peter A.

Seattle, WA

Peter A.'s Bio

Board : Ride Machete GT (155) W
Bindings: Rome BOss 390
Boots: Ride Strapper AC

Deck: Almost Rodney Mullen direct impact 7.75x31.25
Trucks: Independent stage 9 153mm
Bearings: bones 7
Wheels: spitfire 53mm

AASI Level 2 Instructor

Peter A.

Peter A.posted an image about on October 2, 2010

Soft Chillin'

Ok, so everyone says they slip off and I should not get them. I got them anyway, I think they are sweet as milk chocolate, and I love chocolate. Let's do a breakdown,

Nylon cord - Smart idea, less tension breaks because its braided, that means no fading in and out after the jack has been bent too much.
Soft headband- It fits nicer on your head and you don't get those plastic indent feeling from wearing them too tight.
Soft ear pads- They are super soft, feel great on your ear, don't irritate like in ear buds can.
Mic- Why not have a mic, how you going to talk without it?
Style- Let's face it, they look ill.

Slippery(?)- They can be fickle about how they stay on your head, wearing a hat seems to help induce a higher coefficient of friction to the pair, making their grip tighter.

SO, if you have problems with these it is with your fashion not the headphones.

Bottom Line:
These bump sound like your grandma bumps gospel on sundays, and look just as good.