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Wendywrote a review of on April 28, 2012

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I bought this stroller at the Kelty website for the sale price of $349 plus i had a 20% off Kelty coupon and also received free shipping so this stroller was an AMAZING deal and it is a great stroller.

I have to disagree with one reviewer because i use this jogger six days a week for jogging intensive activities like Stroller Strides [4 days/week] and 10Ks[2 days/week] and i find it is perfect! I have no problem jogging in swivel-mode so i can see if jogging locked mode that turning would be more difficult. At Sale Price, it is a great alternative to a BOB!! I highly recommend it.

I also want to say that Kelty has PHENOMENAL Customer Service and go above and beyond for their customers. I wish all companies had such exemplary standards!

+Super, super light-weight!!!!
+MASSIVE storage underneath!
+Folds compactly and fits into my small, awkward trunk space [Jeep Patriot].
+Large, comfy seats and leg space [my 4yr old is 43" and 36lbs and he fits wonderfully!]as well as a large foot well which was KEY in my decision.
+Back wheels are quick release.
+Useful pockets for cups/bottles [VERY important]and extra easy-access stuff.
+Adjustable handle like the Baby Jogger Elite & Mini GT.
- Lifetime warranty!!!

-Does not turn nearly as smoothly/tightly as the BOB or Baby Jogger.
-Front wheel is NOT so "Quick Release" like the back wheels are.. its a total pain in the butt to remove [but i don't actually have to ever remove it so i guess it doesn't matter]!
-Folding it is easy... once you can undo the two yellow Locking clips which really clips on tightly and can be challenging to un-clip [but safety is most important and that certainly makes it safe!].

Suggested Design Improvements:
- Duel Sun Canopies.**
- Removable Kid food tray [ala Bob/BabyJogger] .**
- A more sturdy Brake system like the BoB.

** I knew when buying this stroller that i was giving up some of these amenities but for the price i paid, it was well worth it. I didn't anticipate that the single sun canopy would be an issue for my kids, but my older son likes the sun, and my younger doesn't and so it can be a battle sometimes.

I do want to say that for Kelty's full retail price, i would NOT buy this stroller. You can get a BOB Revolution Duallie for between $520-$650 and it has a HUGE resale value.. you can get easily $300-400 for a used BOB. So hopefully if Kelty continues to make strollers they will consider duel canopies, optional car seat and kid tray adapters.