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Wasangelianwrote a review of on January 7, 2015

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I really wanted to love this boot. As a guide and avalanche instructor it would have been perfect. The flexible toe is a dream to walk in. However, there were some serious issues.

1. Got the boots home and realized the liners were NOT the Intuition liners mentioned on both the Scarpa and Backcountry product descriptions. The cordura Scarpa liners are not heat moldable. (I emailed pics to Intuition to comfirm).

2. After only three days the walk/ski mechanism failed. Replacing the mechanism requires popping the rivets and removing the upper cuff, not something one can do at home given the design. I immediately called Backcountry on my way down the canyon and they were amazing. Backcountry overnighted a new pair to the Tetons were I was headed. Great customer service.

3. New boots arrived. Put the thermofitted liners I had placed in the first pair into the new boots and had three blissful touring days. Today, day #4 on the second pair, the walk/ski mechanism broke again! Aarrgghh! This time I called Scarpa and they are sending a new walk/ski mechanism. However, now I have lost faith in the boots and will probably return them while I still can.

Both Backcountry and Scarpa were awesome to work with, I just thought folks would want to know.

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Wasangelianwrote a review of on February 8, 2008

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Wow! I knew from the instant I clicked in for my first run that I was in store for something special. It's hard to believe a boot can ski this well and be so light and comfortable for touring. As a disclaimer, I had the toe of mine blown out before heat molding because I have flippers for feet. However, I never thought I could have found this level of ski performance in a great touring boot. As far as the color, well, you can't have everything.