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Fly Fishing

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California transplant, Michigan native. Love to get outside, love first tracks all day, love turny, droppy, poppy single track, and love to fish the hex all night!


Vintagehuewrote a review of on May 8, 2018

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Familiarity: I've used it several times

I’ve been riding regularly for only about 1.5 years, and outside of dropping some money into a decent bike, I haven’t poored much into supplementary gear. I’m not a clip-less guy - yet - because I almost killed myself once with them, so flats all the way goiven my current skill set. I was using basically any old athletic shoe or sneaker for my riding, but finally decided to get a riding specific shoe mostly for improved peddle grip. They definitely perform there, but wow was I surprised by the additional performance overall. Literally improved my riding over night. More power on the peddles, better control and confidence through turns and chop, and over drops and jumps. I’m not suggesting this will be the case for any rider, especially someone more experienced, or someone already using a proper riding shoe, but for those of you like me on the fence about using a proper shoe versus your Nikes, these do what they say. Comfortable, keep your feet protected and cool, great peddle grip, and enhanced performance overall for my riding. They’ve been a great decision. Only drawback - and I’ve seen others mention it - is the flat area of the sole can be a little sketchy on wet or muddy surfaces when off the bike. Otherwise, been great for me. Very happy!