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Vincewrote a review of on February 7, 2011

my impression
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These are decent goggles, They are smaller than electric eg2 and vonzipper feenom, both of which could accommodate my glasses. The I/o can still be worn over my glasses but it is a tight fit.
The vents on the bottom are fairly small, but I think that may be a good thing since it will let less warm breath in.
The hard case and bag are decent quality, I just wish that the foam around the goggles were triple density, the quality didn't feel at par as the other two goggles I mentioned, but they are still decent.
These fog less than the other two as well.
As for the lenses that come with this goggle, I think the ignitor is great for cloudy/partly cloudy conditions, and when the sun is at your back - I can see clearly without it being too dark or too bright, however if you find yourself facing the sun for any period of time on a clear day then they aren't sufficient enough to block it out. The sensor lens is only good in the dark. Mine didn't have the clip on the back of the strap so I don't know if that's a new thing but I prefer it anyway since the clip looked cheap and flimsy.

Overall not a bad goggle, good accessories and good anti fog, improvements could have been made in the quality of the foam and maybe including a slightly darker lens than the ignitor, possibly the platinum lens.
I would recommend the feenoms if they are at the same price point, but I found the I/O for about $50 less so I'm going to stick with these