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Vic O

Vic O

Vic O

Vic Owrote a review of on June 3, 2012

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I needed something with a little more room then the camelbak mule nv which I really liked.So I took a chance on the Osprey Manta 25 and I am NOT disappointed.First thing I noticed was the material looks alot lighter and thinner which really concerned me since I'm pretty rough on my packs.My first hike with it was through some rough arizona thorny brush.I really thought I would find it shredded when I took it off.To my suprise however,not even a scratch.
My other concern was getting ice into the kinda flat blatter and fitting it back in the pack.Again,no problem.And the magnetic feature is awesome.The bite valve is right there and easily re-attatched even while riding my dirt bike.
This is by far my favorite day/2 day pack so far.Plenty of room for all my survival gear,water,spare cloths...etc.Just can't say anything bad about it.