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Vernwrote a review of on April 5, 2012

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I bought this bag primarily for sea kayak camping in the Pacific Northwest (and southwestern Canada). I wanted a synthetic bag that was reasonably warm bag -- good to the mid-thrties -- and that stuffed fairly small.

I recently returned the bag because (1) It is cold. I used it on three trips this year. The temps were in the mid to upper 30's -- never got below freezing -- and I was cold unless I wore 300 fleece union suit. I was inside a tent and on a quality sleeping pad, initially tried wearing lighter long underwear, tops and bottoms, but was cold until I put on the onesy I wear under my dry suit. (2) The zipper snags constantly. (3) The drawcord for the hood / collar is very awkward. With the zipper / drawcord combo, it was a fight getting out of the bag.

This bag does stuff down to a small size and the lining is comfortable -- but then, one's skin doesn't come into contact with the lining when one is wearing a 300 fleece onesy.