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Vern Eastley

Vern Eastleywrote a review of on July 11, 2011

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This is my favorite trail running handheld out of the three I've tried, the others being from Amphipod and Nathan.

The bottle felt comfortable and natural in my hand after only a few seconds of running. The shallow indentations on the bottle under your thumb and first two fingers help maintain an easy grip. It feels less slippery than the Amphipod when my hands are sweaty. It's also effortless to switch hands with this bottle, while the Amphipod bottle seems to resist taking my hand out.

I also REALLY like the kicker valve. Apparently everyone who tries one either loves it or hates it. I find it very easy and natural to drink from. Just pull up on the valve, very lightly bite down, and squeeze with the bottle. It sounds complicated but I find it very intuitive while running. It's a refreshing change after the sadistically stiff valve on the Amphipod.

As for the bottle itself, the valve has never leaked, and the plastic didn't have a nasty industrial smell. The Nathans I've used suffered from both faults.

At first I was puzzled by the plastic loop on the lid, but it proved handy when I needed both hands to fiddle with something--I just slipped my little finger into the loop for a moment. Cool little feature. It's almost as if the bottle's designers actually went running with it or something.

I had my doubts before ordering this bottle, since for some reason it's not sold many places and I'd heard strange things about the valve. But having used it on some serious runs, this is now far and away my favorite. Give it a shot.