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VanillaGorillawrote a review of on February 21, 2013

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Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

Been sporting Native Dash optics since 2004 and can't disagree more with John's comment of "The Natives are made for driving in air conditioned automobiles, no more no less."

Note that these fit _my_ face well, I have a largish sized melon, you might want the Dash SS if you have smaller head. Your "fit mileage" may vary...

They keep mud/rocks out of my eyes on downhill mountain bike rides. Other pairs/brands I tried have too big of a gap between lens and cheekbone. I can't "seal 'em up" with a cheek squint like I can with these, a huge positive if you ride.

In bright sunlight ("Sahara like sun at high elevation on snow") they knock it down well. The large brow actually acts like a mini visor when needed...

They vent very well when perspiring...and I sweat a lot. I use them running (ran a marathon in humid conditions), climbing, skinning, XC ski touring, road/mountain biking and even driving my rig down the road. :-D

A huge bonus for fellow long hairs is the lack of rubber ends on the arms. When my hair is back in a pony tail, they don't pull a few strands of hair out each time I take them off. (Native, please don't change this!)

They are tough. Mine have been dropped/thrown/kicked dozens of times with no issue. I have sat on them in a pocket another half dozen times.

The clear lens option is great for that last ski/board/bike during end if day low light conditions.

The storage case is awesome, keeps them safe when not in use during for multi-day hikes and winter tours. It also can be used to store other valuables in your pack, plus they hold the spare lenses...genius.

Warranty and customer support is top shelf. If they fit your head, I don't think you can go wrong. Compare the price to other brands with polarized interchangeable lenses and these win nearly every time.

PS. No,I don't work for Native...just love the product and want to share! Only wish is if they could cover lost glasses under warranty. :-/