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Umar Musa

Umar Musa

Umar Musa

Umar Musawrote a review of on November 19, 2012

my opinion of the Suunto M4
4 5

Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

i've used the M4 for the past 2 months, using it from work to hikes to chilling and its been a top performer, no regrets. the M4 looks great, i have mine in turquoise/black and i get compliments on it constantly, especially from the ladies, which is primo :D.

the large face makes it easy to have a quick glance to see the time and the belt is quite comfortable.

the watch is quite light, and though the face is quite thick, it doesn't feel excessively bulky, just make sure that you try it on at a local retailer before purchasing. the chest strap is really quite comfortable, i was quite skeptical when the sales assistant said that i would forget its there after 2 minutes of sweating, but she was right!

unfortunately i do have some issues, the screen is made out of a soft plastic, which scratches VERY easily, i have a gash on mine that after 20 minutes on my first day, you will have to be VERY careful to not scratch it, considering the face thickness. also, for some reason, even when i lock the screen, the interface keeps changing when i am on fitness mode, i like seeing it on heart rate and time, but it skips through all interfaces randomly.

in conclusion, i recommend the M4, it is a great watch that can be used from casual to fitness, you will just have to be baby it to ensure it doesn't rough up the pretty looks