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Vertical Rock Climbing Gym, Great Falls

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Just trying to climb higher then everyone else


Troywrote a review of on January 13, 2013

5 5

Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

as the title says, these shoes are phenomenal. the edging on these shoes is unmatched. my foot hasnt slipped off the tinniest of all footholds since ive gotten these, and i can stand on just about anything while feeling completely secure, and confident. They are not the most downturned shoes, and lose a bit of aggressiveness after a few times in them, but still are great on overhangs. it has a nice pointy toe for digging deep into pockets. people say they are uncomfortable, but once you break them in, i think they are one of the more comfortable downturned shoes. smearing of course isnt all that great, but then again why would you expect such a downturned shoe to be good at smearing. And of course you cant go wrong with these shoes, as they have five tens stealth onyxx rubber, which i believe is the best rubber out there. i wear a 10.5 street shoe, and went with a 9.5 in these. the first couple days were pretty agonizing, but after a while they were quite comfortable, and the performance fit is well worth it. my only concern is that i am beginning to see glue from where the rubber toe cap was. No matter what level of climber you are, This shoe will easily improve your climbing.





Troywrote a review of on November 24, 2012

Not very durable
2 5

Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

These were my first pair of shoes, Ive had these shoes for about 3 months now, climbing 4-5 days a week in them. They have been tearing at the heel for a while now, and started tearing about 3-4 weeks since ive had them. Heel hooking with these shoes are pretty bad, the shoe tends to slip a ways off your foot. Everytime you wear them, your foot gets stained blue from the interior. Also if you plan on getting this shoe, it stretches AT LEAST 1.5 sizes