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TriniRadwrote a review of on June 28, 2012

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Thus far I have used this on a few three-day backpacking trips in the Rocky Moutains of Colorado. Overall I find this to be a very good balance between light-weight and comfortable carrying capacity.

I can say that my approach is right between minimalist and comfortable camping, leaning to minimalist. For me the max capacity is about three days worth of gear/food (~32-35 lbs). Though that exceeds Osprey's recommended upper limit, I believe the pack handles that load fine. Great pack for me as I will rarely go on longer than 3 day trips and will use it for its sweet spot overnighter with two long days. I can easily see using this for long day hikes too.

I can't emphasize enough the importance of trying on this pack. It is not highly adjustable and relies on a relatively close match to the wearer's contour to achieve successful weight transfer. Medium fits my broad back, shoulders and waist and long torso.

A couple niceties-
-The type and size of the pockets are nice for me and helpful for organizing.
-The breathable back-panel makes it super comfortable in reducing overheating on the back.
-Appears durable

A couple downsides-
-While the belt is effective, it's not the most confidence inspiring. I would like to see the width of the belt straps a taste wider. (Maybe because I load a bit more.)
-The side mesh pockets are stretchy but just large enough to fit a standard water bottle when the pack is full.