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Triggerfinwrote a review of on March 5, 2009

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I bought this from back country and think this is a really well thought-out unit. Nice balance of features and ease of setup/take-down. Regarding the previous reviewer's complaint about take-down, agree that it would be almost impossible to return it to the as-shipped configuration for storage, but I found with a little patience that once you disassemble and fold up the main unit the table tops can be folded in half and stored inside the frame. This leaves plenty of room for the binto (canvas storage piece) in the bag. I can now assemble and dis-assemble in about 5 minutes, which was a key concern for me. Also, the feet on the 6 table legs do unscrew so you can level the table. I found the wind blocker to be redundant with the built-in features of my coleman stove so I leave that piece behind. Also, I don't use the binto bag ("cabinet") for food storage - bad idea where I camp but it is perfect for storing your pots, plates, pans, silverware - keeps them clean, dry, out of the weather. Very pleased.