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Trent Jackson

Trent Jackson

Trent Jackson

Trent Jacksonwrote a review of on December 15, 2010

Looks can be decieving
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These headphones will disappoint you. I'm on my second pair only because they sent me another one... and they broke almost right away as well, same spot. Ya the sound good, guess what, they are $200 + they should sound good so that goes without saying. REALLY SURPRISED with Nixon on this one, as mine have spent more time to and from repair and being sent new ones then they've been on my head.
While I am a long time fan of Nixon, own a lot of product I have not been please with this product or the service I've received from them. I'm essentially going to keep running around to sites giving this product a negative review because I would hate for someone else to shell out $200+ for these headphones and have the same problems I've had. I've essentially wasted my cash, that's frustrating considering all the other high quality sets out there like Bose and Dre Beats that are compariable in price. I'd gladly pay a little more more phones I could actually use.

If you want more info as to where they break, check out what happened to me, I posted a pic up on the Nixon Facebook wall so you can see what I'm talking about.