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Trekerwrote a review of on February 4, 2004

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My initial reason for purchasing these slippers was to have light, warm, versatile footwear for the camp/bivy. They have proven to meet all my expectations. They have kept me reasonably warm while in the DACKS (Adirondacks) in 10 above to -15 temps. The only drawbacks I have encountered were, the outer boots can be a bit difficult to get on especially when cold although with a little practice and persistence this is only a minor inconvenience. The second, which I see as becoming a major problem is the stitches. The inside stitches started to unravel from the first use. I am concerned that if this becomes worse the insulation will shift and leave the slippers unusable. I have only used these on three outings, hopefully they will not self destruct because in spite of these defects they fill the niche I had purchased them for.