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Torjewrote a review of on October 3, 2003

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My impression is that the Sigma AR is not as warm as descriptions might give impressions of - but that might be due to me misunderstanding these descriptions. Living in the most nothern part in Norway I was in need of a softshell suited for warmth. Still, it is an excellent softshell by any standard, and together with another fleece layering it will also work for temperatures down to -30 C. Particularly, I like the athletic trim and the underarm venting. This makes it a all-purpose shoftshell. For my purpose I would like a solution that could make the collar a bit more snugfit when in cold temperatures. When it comes to stretch-ability the Sigma AR is not as good as the Gamma SV.
But these things should not take away the fact that this is a top softshell. There are a lot of excellent functional small-detail solutions. If you don't think price is too relevant I will highly recommend this one!