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Tonywrote a review of on April 13, 2011

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I purchased two Compressors. While the jacket was very warm and light, both were defective. On the first, the threading of the sleeve logo was coming badly unraveled. Exchanged it for a second, and after a few days I noticed that the second one had a bizarre series of pinholes all over one sleeve and beneath the collar, as though a tiny needle had gone haywire. So I returned this one, too, and purchased the comparable Redpoint North Face jacket.

I should say as well that the exceptionally light and silky nylon shell of the Compressor was nice to the touch, I found myself worrying constantly about its resilience and that something would snag on it and tear it. The Redpoint uses a bit heavier nylon in which I have greater confidence, but which seems not quite as warm.

I would recommend this jacket but for what appears to be quality-control issues.