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Tony R.

Tony R.wrote a review of on January 20, 2012

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Heard awesome things about Saguaros from many people that ride them locally (N. Texas) but I failed to pay attention at the warnings about mounting on Stans Rims. It's not impossible, but quite difficult to accomplish. I was unsuccessful on Arch 29ers.

IMO it is not practical to run tires that are this difficult to mount especially if you have to repair the tire on the trail. As a result, I decided to return the tires and exchange them for a different set.

I may give the non-TNT version a try.

I must say that Huck N Roll has been awesome tho. Wicked Fast Shipping and Excellent Service.




Tony R.

Tony R.wrote a review of on September 3, 2009

Stay away from Mountain King 2.2
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I was so excited to read all the reviews and to get my hands on a new set of Continental Mountain King 2.2 UST tires to replace my stock Specialized Resolution 2.0 tires.

Overall, the tires are squirley because of they are narrow and have a lower profile and lost almost an inch of ground clearance from the tires alone.

Because of the lower bottom bracket and longer crank arms on my bike I manage to hit just about every root and rock on my typical trail. The 2.2 is 1.8 at best with much lower air mass which means you will feel every bump on these puppies -- you may need to visit a chiropractor after each ride.

What's worse is the Continental doesn't have a "customer service" number that you can go call from the US making it virtually impossible to work with the company for some resolution.