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Tomwrote a review of on May 22, 2012

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No doubt that it's comfortable. But having retruned from yet another trip, where a friend with one of these pads developed a leak AND simply could not find the leak to repair it...that's it.

I have participated in many "search-for-the-leak in the Agnes pad" activities over the years. I have yet to be part of any team to locate the source of a single leak , let alone successfully patch it. This includes full immersion under-water and under pressure tecniques by people who have found leaks in other pads and successfully repaired them when it was most important...on the day after night #1 on a multi-night trip.

I would never, ever use these pads. And the people I camp with are slowly coming to the same conclusion. I sincerely hope your own experiences with them are better but my own are terrible.