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Tom Rottmann

Tom Rottmannwrote a review of on October 8, 2009

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For warmer weather and extended hikes, there is not a better bag. Used this in the warm weather portions of my 06 and 08 AT hikes and it never let me down. Very light and even as you drop below the rating on those colder nights, a simple base layer and socks kept me warm. I switched from using the Marmot Pounder simply because I experienced an internal condensation issue with the pounder (although I admit I was pushing the pounder past its design). The price tag is hefty with this bag so you should really be needing the warmth/weight ratio to justify the price. I have used this bag for no less then 9 months of hard use on shelter floors and it is still holding up well. For me, it was well worth the price tag (I think I paid around $225 in 06) It will be my bag of choice after Damascus in my upcomming 2010 AT hike.




Tom Rottmann

Tom Rottmannwrote a question about on October 8, 2009

I have an older model (05) that I used on my 06 AT hike. I cannot say enough on how great it performs. At that time I think it was a 900 fill not an 850. I heard Marmot was changing it to an 850 fill due to the difficulty of obtaining enough 900 fill. More importantly, it was my understanding that the shell of the bag had an upgrade option of being more water resistant then the 05 bags. The only two times the bag posed a problem was when it got wet in the shelter due once to a water bottle breaking in the rack above me and once to a trail dog wanting to get warm on a very rainy night. Is the current shell of the bag the one with the more water resistant option then the older bags? For the longer trails, trust me, every bit of water resistancy will help.