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Tom Cline

Tom Cline

Tom Cline

Tom Clinewrote a question about on February 2, 2012

I'm with a Boy Scout troop with about 40 to 50 boys and in the past we've used TAJ3 tents made by REI. They have been a great 10 but REI does not carry them regularly saying they're being discontinued even though we can still purchase them online occasionally.

So we are starting to look for a new tent to start replacing our old ones and we want to be sure these tents are in fact durable able to hold up two young men. In the past we've had three man counts but only allow two scout for the time in less a rare occasion we have an odd number where we will add a third.

We currently have around 25 tents so this is going to be quite inexpensive switchover so we want to be sure we get it right the first try. Obviously we will not be able to buy all the tents at once so we need to be sure this tent is going to be available for a few years to come.
So what this kind of investment for a troop and we want to be sure we make the best possible decision any advice would be greatly appreciated.