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Todd Evertsen

Todd Evertsen

Wasatch Mt bye way of Corona, Ca

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Hiking & Camping

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I love buying Technical gear and pushing it to its limits!


Todd Evertsen

Todd Evertsenwrote a question about on August 12, 2011

This sounds like an awesome jacket and one that I would love to add to the collection. But, the words "Loose Fitting" scare me a little. One reason I love ARC’TERYX so much is that everything fit’s close so I don’t have loose fabric hanging around. Do you think I should size down if I buy this jacket?
5’ 11” 180 LBS



Todd Evertsen

Todd Evertsenwrote a review of on March 4, 2011

Stoic=Bomber Gear!
5 5

I own the S,M,and L. The small I pack with all my clothes. I’m thinking about getting another small for those 4-7 day trips. However 1-3 day trips the small works great (That being said, take into consideration that I pack light).
The Medium I pack my Stoic 15 degree 650 sleeping bag. Really the Medium is over kill because the bag packs down so small I think I could get it in a small if I tried.
The Large i pack my MSR Mutha Hubba 3Man-3Season tent (poles and stakes included) as seen in the attached pictures.
I highly recommend using these bags for anything that will compress down. Some people have been saying to "roll them up to get the air out". I would disagree with this. I lay everything as flat as possible, place my knee at one end and slowly work all the air towards the air valve. this make your bags long and skinny Vs fat and round like a bowling ball. I then slide all the bags into my pack (BD Infinity 60) parallel to each other. When packed this way it will amaze you how much more run you will get out of your pack.
Using it as a pill works great if you fill it with cloths. Using just air the pillow goes flat in about 15 min (or just long enough for you to fall asleep and wake up made because your pillow is flat).
As far as being waterproof, it is not. Rain, snow, kayaking, things like that it will work great! But don’t try and submerge this baby, it wont work. The water gets in where its folded at the top, that’s why it works great for rain. Rain doesn’t go against gravity. Put this baby under water and the pressure of the water will get in.
Durability….its STOIC, what else do you want. Really though the quality was great. When I first pulled it out I was worried about the valve and welds of the bag. But all that has gone away after using it a few times. The material although durable it will puncher if your not carful. Stoic knew this when they put it on the market and that’s why they included a “Fix-it-Kit”.
All and all….I use it on every trip…..Buy one (or three)!



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Todd Evertsen

Todd Evertsenwrote a question about on January 31, 2011

Does it come with two vestibules or one? I cant really tell from the pictures.
Also, I'm not trying to say anything bad about Stoic because I have a tone of there gear (Jackets, sleeping bags, compression sacks) but is that really the best picture you have? It looks like that thing is going to fly away in a spring breeze.



Todd Evertsen

Todd Evertsenwrote a review of on January 29, 2011

5 5

These babies are worth every penny!! Light weight and very durable is the best way to describe them.
I just bought the new Mutha Hubba and it comes with the MSR needle stakes (which are awesome as well). The tent comes with 8 Needle stakes which is enough for the tent but not for the guy lines. I'm thinking about getting another set of Groundhogs to replace the Needles.