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Tinawrote a review of on March 9, 2012

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I have the version of this sleeping made for women. It is a combination of light and dark gray. I am 5' 10" /150 lbs., and this bag fits me well. I sleep on my side usually and I have enough room to do so-plenty in fact. The zipper is glow in the dark, and this bag has adjustable hood. The collar is a little loose and is not adjustable unfortunately. I have not used it camping yet but I did use it one night in the house. It is winter time here, so I turned off the heater and used the bag that night with my terramar underwear and I was sweating in the middle of the night. The bag fluffs up good when laid out and comes with storage sack to place it in when not in use. It is easy to get back into compression sack as well. My boyfriend purchased one (for men haha) as well and his bag was cramped especially across the chest (he is 5' 11"/203 lbs.). He had a more difficult time getting adjusted inside his bag. My opinion is that this a great bag for spring and summer, but I would probably use something a bit heavier for fall as I get cold easier than most. The comfort rating for this is actually 45 degrees as well so take that into consideration. Great backpacking bag if your a minimalist. Thanks!