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Cincinnati, OH; Asheville, NC; and now in Denver, CO

TimB's Passions

Hiking & Camping

TimB's Bio

I try to get out of doors as much as I can. I really enjoy hiking, camping, rock climbing and kayaking. I became enamored with the outdoors after my brother, Bill, and I realized how worn out we were by the social scene of an early 20 something in the city. My brother had then, already begun to explore the outdoors via day hiking, camping, and kayaking in the southern Ohio area. He insisted I join him and escape the monotony of my design career being stuck behind a desk, and get reacquainted with nature. I took him up on his offer and, it would seem it had created a monster. I appeased my newly kindled fervor taking day and weekend hiking, camping, and kayaking trips with he and my girlfriend as frequently as I could. To this day I find no better satisfaction than to immerse myself in the diminutive power and grandness of nature. Spending every opportunity I can to wrap myself in the warm embrace of the outdoors.


TimBwrote a review of on January 3, 2013

Stellar Pack...
5 5

Familiarity: I've used it several times

I'd all but disintegrated my old daypack from 3 years of trail and city out-and-abouting abuse. My girlfriend got me this pack for Christmas and it's been so great to use thus far! I took it snowshoeing in RMNP and on several day hikes since and it swallows all of our cold weather layers, holds extra gear with all of it's lovely webbing and loops as well as sits a whole lot more comfortably on my back than I thought it would! I love the idea of doubling as a compression sack.... I would only suggest swapping out the cord locks for each set of cord webbing, though, as mine always wanna pop off when I cinch them down as tight as I'd like...