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Tim Zack

Tim Zackwrote a review of on March 21, 2011

3 5

This is the third pack i have gotten from Backcountry with no quick link on the bladder. Even through all of the videos, even the one that is linked from the package via quick read code, show that the Anitdote bladder comes with the quick link. And even though all of the accessories depend on that feature, Camelbak says they don't include it in their smaller packs when I finally called them.

Also despite what the description says there is no rain cover that comes as a part of this pack.

Backcountry is great about returns but at some point I have to keep something. I just hate that I can't get what I ordered.

If you don't mind not having the rain cover or the quicklink this is a great pack. I probably won't buy a Camelbak again.




Tim Zack

Tim Zackwrote a review of on March 16, 2011

Antidote bladder no quick connect
2 5

Returned it because the quick connect on the bladder was missing. Got a new one... same thing. The rep said they were all this way. Other than that this pack is awesome.

I wish the Rogue came with a complete Antidote bladder. I hated to send it back. Got a cloud walker instead. I hope it feels as good on the back

BTW. this thing holds a lot more than i thought it would.