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Tim F

Tim F

Northern Vermont

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Hiking & Camping

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skiing, telemark skiing, snowboarding, touring, hiking, cold weather

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Tim F

Tim Fwrote a review of on December 27, 2010

4 5

I had these professionally mounted and adjusted for my boots. After less than one day of skiing the beaver tail clamp broke off and sent the tail clamp flying. I was happy I was at the resort base and not touring with these "durable" and "indestructable" bindings.

For the few runs they made it through before breaking they were great. Very active even in the least active pin position.

I'm hoping this is a freak occurance, but if you're touring buy some tails from the 22Designs website for your repair kit, you will need the right size hex wrench to change out the piece.



Tim F

Tim Fwrote a review of on January 14, 2009

4 5

I have only 6 days in these pants so far, three days snowboarding, three days skiing, and there are numerous holes through the bottom of the pant leg, which is annoying. I haven't had a problem with protection yet but if it rips through the second layer i'm sending them back.

the pants are obviously awesome, i'm 6'4" and bought the XL/Talls but i can't believe how easily the pants ripped at the bottom.