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Thanks Bataleon!!

Thanks Bataleon!!

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Thanks Bataleon!!

Thanks Bataleon!!wrote a review of on January 14, 2010

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I bought the Nixon Portrait for my girlfriend for Christmas and she loves it. I chose the white enamel face with white leather strap. She says the leather strap is soft and comfortable and the larger-than-most-girls'-watches face fits comfortably on her rather small wrist, large enough to read quickly and also make a fashion proclamation without looking gaudy like her guidette friends... It is durable and a great piece to class up the any-day outfit at work (she's works with little kids), and nicely complements her date night fancy-pants and dresses. She gets tons of compliments on it and I'm sure she'll be wearing it for years. I've heard some Nixon watches don't last, but this one isn't showing any signs of wear, tear or giving up it's class any time soon. Until then it's picture perfect.