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Terence Hood

Terence Hoodwrote a review of on November 18, 2011

5 5

These are good moderate headphones, not for serious audiophiles but a good sounding set of casual headphones for the money.

Mine (all black /w chrome) came with an extra set of white pads to swap out with the black ones. Almost threw them away with the box, make sure you look threw all packing really well.

The mesh fabric covered cord is a nice stylistic feature, the headphones have a small extension, then you add an extension cord (provided), serves well as a breakaway point so you don't damage your headphones with snags.

The one bad thing I noticed right away or I should say my wife noticed is she could hear everything across the living room clearly.

If you don't mind putting together a five minute simple hack you can fix this. I had some egg crate style foam packing material which I cut into circles the size of the ear pads. Remove the earpads, remove the three screws, pack the foam behind the speakers and put it back together. Problem solved. Sound great.