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Tanked!wrote a review of on February 14, 2011

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I've only had the jacket out a few times so far as I had to leave to warmer climes for work.

Test conditions : Snow of course, -5 to -18 Celcius, 20 to 30km/h gusts, not much humidity(dry snow). Couple of decent wipe-outs.
The jacket material would seem to be capable of standing up to all it advertises.It's seems tough. It's seemed super wind-proof. Also waterproof (tested under the faucet as well for good measure.)

The problems I had were with the RIRI Auquazip, and hood-cinch pulls.While wearing my gloves I tried to pull the hood-cinch and ended up pulling the black plastic knob right off the string. It came pretty easily if you ask me. I didn't yank on it.
Also with gloves, I managed to pull the zipper-pull right out of the zipper-combiner (whatever it's called). Again, I don't think I pulled very hard. It's a stiff zipper and requires some force but I didn't reef on it.The RIRI zipper-pull actually has a strange design. I could re-attach it by pinching the forks that popped out and "plugging" it back in. But it should be built more solidly.
Anyway, I grabbed a key ring from the pass office and threaded that through the zipper-combiner eyelet and it works great now. I might get a smaller key ring and attach a lanyard to that.

The thumb loop / cuff deally works great when all done up nice and tight. But it obviously takes way longer to get it all snow proofed. And to get out of it. So if your in any kind of hurry to get a glove off and into a pocket or anything (eg. answer a phone quick), count on some extra time.
Pow skirt worked good. Not removable on this jacket.

Jacket looks great. I got the True Black(3L soft-shell), which is more like Charcoal and it worked good 'cause the jacket turned out to be a lighter shade of black than my pants. I ordered it blind.
I also picked the right size. Fit is good. I'm 6ft, 195, reasonably athletic but got a Canadian six-pack (beer gut). I got a large. I rocked a long sleeve thermal base layer and a cotton sweater from wal-mart in the conditions above, and I was warm all day. I have a 300gm zip hoody and it fits underneath for colder days. I didn't use it on the mountain but I tried it out and I didn't feel any bad stretching in the arms/shoulders/chest while "rolling up the windows" and other movements.
Looking forward to finishing up the season and getting some more use. If I come across anything else I'll post it.