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Tadashi Furukawawrote a review of on December 30, 2017

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I'm transferring from Fission SL jacket. I feel that warmth is better for Fission SL, but the collar was soft and somewhat lower, so the feeling of sticking under the chin was improved. The dump pocket on the left inner side is gone,
Breast pocket is useful for putting smartphone etc. I wish I could have a through port for passing the cable.
The right dump pocket has a stuff sack and can quickly compressed storage jacket. and can quickly deploy just by swinging with a sack.
Just because of its adverse effect, since cuffs became like Atom instead of Velcro, gloves open and gaps are open and cold, long gloves will interfere with the cuffs. Also, because the ventilation at the side has gone, sudden waste heat is difficult. These are bothersome when considering excellent storage capacity.
The draw code stopper was changed to a button type newly, and it was not exposed to the outside by covering with the seam tape, and the appearance and operability were improved.
The zipper strap becomes stick shape made of resin and it is easy to use. Stone is an improvement called Arc'teryx.
I think that it can be used for all rounds in any weather like mountains or in the city.