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Subseaworkerwrote a review of on September 8, 2015

Paddle = 5;  Backcountry packaging = 2
4 5

Familiarity: I've used it several times

I choose this paddle for my 15 foot Perception Expression kayak. I use a moderately aggressive paddle style, both high and low angle depending on the environment, waves, etc.
This Camano pulls a pretty powerful stroke (more than I expected from a "low-angle" blade. I have felt no flutter and it braces very well.....both high and low. I have tried other bent shaft paddles and the feel and alignment of this paddle is awesome in comparison. You get a good feel exactly how the blades are angled when needing to brace quickly.
If I had to comment on a negative, I would say that this Werner "Smart View" ferrule viewing window is pretty tiny. The degrees are the equivalent size to a #4 font in a document, so I believe anyone without 20/20 vision will have difficulty reading it while needing to adjust during a paddle.
Other than that, I have nothing negative to say about this paddle. It is an excellent paddle and very light weight.
I dropped 1 star for Backcountry packaging. See photo. I realize the paddle is tough, but it appeared to be just thrown into a too small a box, with no bubble wrap or other packaging to keep it safe. The box was too short for the paddle length and after UPS tossed it around various states for 2 days, the paddle shafts were starting to poke through the end and looked like it took a real beating. When I received the box, I was certain this item would emerge damaged, but fortunately it was in good shape. I never had this issue with Backcountry before.