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Stuart Johnston

Stuart Johnston

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Stuart Johnston

Stuart Johnstonwrote a review of on October 16, 2006

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I was looking for a lightweight pack. Despite the fact that my old one is more than 15 years old, nothing was as light as it (Karrimor Alpinist), apart from the GoLite which looked too flimsy. The Acrux 65 was the next best, but is still 0.5kg heavier. When looking at the pack, it is surprising it is so light, given the large amount of heavy waterproof material. The closure is very waterproof, and the whole pack stayed dry during a snowy backpacking trip. The negatives are the narrow bottom of the pack, which makes it hard to fit a sleeping bag in across the bottom. Also, the rubberized inner surface makes it hard to slide things down to the bottom. It could do with a compression strap on the large top lid. The positives: lightweight (relative to the competition), very comfortable, and very clean external design.