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Steven Van Horne

Steven Van Horne

Anchorage, AK and Washington State

Steven Van Horne's Passions

Hiking & Camping

Steven Van Horne's Bio

While I enjoy backpacking and hiking, my new passion is adventure motorcycling on my BMW R1200GS Adventure motorcycle. I have discovered over 90% of the world's roads are unpaved. I am enjoying exploring them. Back country gear serves me well as it is compact and light for the bike. I have been having a great time exploring forest service roads, etc.

I split my time between homes in Anchorage, AK and Yakima, WA. Each has a unique and different beauty.

Steven Van Horne

Steven Van Hornewrote a review of on June 12, 2012

2 5

I bought a few pair of these because I had previously bought the Exofficio Give and Go boxer. The Stoic was cheaper so I thought I would give them a try. I have a couple of complaints. First of all, they bunch up terribly. Also the waistband folds over and is uncomfortable. They seem to wick moisture away ok, but I MUCH prefer the Exofficio shorts and am ordering some more right now.

I LOVE Backcountry and how easy it is to exchange something you are not happy with. This along with REI is one of my favorite online stores.




Steven Van Horne

Steven Van Hornewrote a review of on September 27, 2011

5 5

Buy one now! It's really quite amazing and the fuel seems to last forever. Only complaints are the lid and bottom cup will not stay on. Also, the cup is very hot to drink out of. Burns my lips. I am looking into whether or not the hot lips silicone lip protectors from Snow Peak will work on the Jetboil cup. Other than that, it is light, compact and really ingenious. Boils water SO fast! I love it!