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Steven D.

Steven D.

Steven D.

Steven D.wrote a review of on May 9, 2016

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Familiarity: I've used it several times

I read all of the reviews, all of the marketing, but was hesitant. Boy was I wrong, these wheels are AMAZING.

My outgoing wheels that these are compared to were Dura Ace C35's, not exactly a junky factory equipped wheel. These new ENVE wheels are more comfortable, smoother, and MUCH faster, and as an added bonus, wow do they make cool sounds when accelerating, cruising at higher speeds, and braking (kind of like a turbo spooling on a car). The part that surprised me was that I got blown around LESS than on my C35's, which, at least in the rear, are HALF as deep! I purposefully went out to a highway with a lot of trucks and was pretty nervous with the first couple that went past me but after the 2nd one I was right at home. These wheels are much deeper and yet only gain about 50 grams over my C35's all said and done. If you used ENVE skewers on the C35's, the gap would increase to a little over 100g but still negligible compared to the aero benefits.

I ride road/cx/mtb, but most of my road rides are in the 40-60 mile range. My first ride on these wheels was 75 miles and I was a little fatigued and coming off a sickness and still set my fastest average speed EVER by 0.5mph. Compared to "good" rides (not "best ever") I was a full 1.0mph faster and compared to "average" rides I was 1.4mph faster. I have a power meter so I know this was not just "new bike toy adrenaline", as I had lower average power than I normally do and the first ride was longer than normal (to reiterate, normal is 40-60 and this ride was 75).

Braking is the one area where I have not really stressed these wheels. I live in the valley and average about 10ft/mile for local rides (can average over 200ft/mile if I drive 30 miles) so I can't speak to that aspect of performance just yet. However, in hard braking on flat terrain there is ZERO loss in performance compared to the Dura Ace C35's. I'm a 6'6" 235lb rider so braking power is very important to me.

I'd also like to thank the Competitive Cyclist staff who was very helpful with the order, followed up with a personal call about the order to make sure I had everything I needed, and lightning fast delivery sure doesn't hurt. I really could not be more happy with the process and the product. If you're on the fence, don't wait, these wheels will change the way you ride!




Steven D.

Steven D.wrote a question about on December 19, 2013

I'm a little confused with the compatibility of this product... it says it works with 985 as well as 775, which are shaped completely differently.

I need to know that these will fit my XT M785 brakes, which they appear to based on the picture, but they are not listed on the model list. Please confirm that these will fit.