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Stephen M.

Stephen M.

I just love the Great Smoky Mountains National Park for hiking and backpacking. A yearly trip there soothes the soul!

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Hiking & Camping

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I love walking, hiking, backpacking and biking. All great forms of exercise.

Stephen M.

Stephen M.wrote a review of on March 5, 2014

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I had to return the original pair of Large mittens for a pair of Medium mittens. They seem to run a bit large, at lest for my hands. The measurement taken indicated a need for Large size, but they were just too large. There was two extra inches beyond my fingers which would make it difficult to wrap fingers around a snow shovel. The exchange for a pair of Medium mittens did the trick. My fingers may be shorter than average. Thes Alti Mittens are all they are advertised to be! I'm diabetic, so warm hands and warm feet are a necessity so no problems occur. I wore these Alti Mittens outside in temperatures we aren't used to here in Ohio. The temperatures were 6 degrees below zero for a high! I worked outside moving snow for more than two hours, and never needed to come inside for a break to warm up! My hands and fingers stayed warm and never bothered me a bit! Although the price seems high, the quality and warmth these Alti Mittens provide, is worth every cent invested! I expect these mittens will last for 10 plus years of hard use, so at $20 per year cost, you can't go wrong! After all, your hands and fingers are pretty damn important! I recommend the Alti Mittens for anyone seeking the security of having warm hands after hours outdoors in extreme friged weather!