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Stephanie Hobbs

Stephanie Hobbs

Stephanie Hobbs

Stephanie Hobbswrote a question about on January 24, 2018

I was under the impression women’s Darn Tough socks 🧦 only came in S-L, yet item #DRN0016 says also available in XL. Now this particular sock looks similar to a style also available in men’s, but when I reach this item via another pair of women’s socks, it clearly says “women’s” at top. When I access it otherwise it says nothing about whether for men or women. Attempting to include a few pics to clarify this. Wouldn’t mind trying an XL in women’s if available BUT either way I need to be 100% sure what I’m ordering as a men’s XL would be way too large. Thank you in advance for clarifying this for me.
Stephanie H

I hope this photo shows “women’s” at the top. I hope the pic also shows size XL...hard to tell as can’t enlarge photo when choosing to tell what I’m sending! Regardless of what photo shows, can you verify Darn Tough socks do come in XL for women’s ever? I’ve been looking at these socks for DAYS and haven’t seen. So if the wrong info inadvertently ended up on your site, I understand...and I am by no means assuming I’m correct...I just want answers for us both!



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