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Stephan Puch

Stephan Puch

Austria usually, South Florida too, listening to tunes. Rolling, Rolling, Rolling Rawhide.

Stephan Puch's Bio

A rider from way back when Schwinn Stingrays were the hip bike and TACO 22 Mini Bikes were everywhere and Boys Life was the reading material of choice. Yes the family name is the same as seen on some antique bikes, motorcycles too. The G is my choice as far as SUVs go, still even enjoy riding motorcycles too. But bicycles have remained a favorite passion, more so now with its evolution enabling me to ride where normally I would be on a dirt bike. The best part, Mountain Bikes have far more accessibility to scenic wilderness and trails and a great place to meet other enthusiasts especially in Austria, something I recommend anyone who is into Mountain Biking a trip you have to make, a memorable experience you will cherish.

Stephan Puch

Stephan Puchposted an image about on May 10, 2012

GEAX AKA 29er  29 x 2.2

The tires are great, 2.2 roll perfect for me, my only criticism is they are a little lose on wet streets, yet quite versatile performing extremely well in various terrains, sand, tails and gravel to shrubbery for those of us who enjoy crating a new path. The tire pictured have just over 300 miles on it, the rear tire shows a bit more wear but considering the amount of paved roads, curbs and the occasional pedestrian while traveling down stairs.. The tires are great all-around rubber to use while traversing all surfaces, Ive abused them and as of yet never let me down and one of the best all-around tires available on the market. Its earned my respect, will always remain my choice.