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Shanna S.

Shanna S.

Great Lakes Region, North Country Trail

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Shanna S.

Shanna S.wrote a review of on September 1, 2011

4 5

Bought this for a trip to Yosemite NP. Did both the Half Dome hike and Mt Conness. Worked really well for the whole trip. Really glad I bought an extra cap. Made it easy to switch between this and my other two Platypus bottles without having to re-thread the tube through my pack. Only problem I had was that screwing on the hose too tight made it leak. Just had to test it by giving it a good squeeze to check for leaks and tighten or loosen accordingly.




Shanna S.

Shanna S.wrote a review of on February 14, 2010

5 5

Great little light. Lightweight and very compact. Works great in my hammock at night. The frosted globe provides a soft light that's great for reading and other tasks. The top hooks make it easy to hang anywhere and the dimming function is nice for conserving battery life.

On my last trip it was nice having this lamp hanging from the ridgeline of my hammock. Didn't have to dig for my headlamp when my tarp came loose in the wind.

Not a good replacement for a headlamp or flashlight.