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All Over but love the french Alps - sick parks in Avoriaz

Skullcandy28-0's Bio

I used to have a sponsor APO but due to injury had to bail home for long time!

Favour jib stick I had was Stepchild Trick Stick 144

Am currently riding Isis 149 with APO Xpress dual entry bindings

And now have just recently purchased Salomon Lush 149 - looking to take it out in 2 weeks to Andorra!!! Can't friggin wait!

Stance - regular

Stance Width - 20'

Angles - front 18 back 12

Favourite ride style - freestyle/freeride/sick pow days

Favourite ground trick - Cheeky cab 5's
Boxes - frontsides
Booters - steezy nose grabs

My profile photo was taken at Homewood, Tahoe - photo shoot for the website

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