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Simon B.

Simon B.

Simon B.

Simon B.wrote a review of on January 2, 2011

5 5

(First things first I am a bit of a Rome fan, ever since I got a Solution in '05, and I love my Agent in the park).
Out the box I was surprised how light the Anthem is, and whilst I've never bought a board based on the graphics, this one has an awesome design - there's even an extra layer of black detailing that you can only see when the light's right. Not really a deal-maker, but a nice plus.

On the slopes the board is so stiff and so responsive even the smallest input gives you instant direction change, and the board grips the tightest turns without breaking out. If there is a downside to this, it's that you can ride at insane speeds with a lot of confidence - definitely not recommended for relatively new riders.

I've only had a couple of kickers to play with (early season), but this board has tonnes of pop, it changes direction very easily, and I feel equally at home riding switch on it - surprising for a directional board.

Overall, a stunning board - couldn't be happier.