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Sierra Nevada (Spain), Alps (Austria), hoping to discover more

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Hiking & Camping

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Recently got into climbing and mountaineering, enjoying it immensly!
Off course i've got loads to learn, although not too much about gear; I've got that pretty much covered ;)


Sietowrote a review of on August 7, 2009

4 5

Just got my Ultralight Thermawrap Pants, can't wait to try them for real.I got this as an extra warm layer on mountaineering trips/expeditions. The pants seem warm enough for use in the mountains and are large enough to fit over other layers (i'm 6'4/170 and got the XL). Off course they're also very light!When I ordered the pants, the website said they had full side-zips, when in fact they are 7/8-length zips. Backcountry has adjusted the info on the site and has dealt with the situation quickly and fairly.Full-length zips would have made these pants better though.Edit: I summited Aconcagua on 12/2/2010 wearing these pants under my softshell pants. Under the thermawrap I also wore powerstretch pants. Everyhting combined I was more then warm enough. Never cold.Size XL weighs 343 grams.




Sietowrote a review of on December 29, 2008

3 5

"Possibly the worst purchase ever made..." is a bit too strong in my opinion. I won't give it 5 stars either, but I wore it 6 days straight on Kilimanjaro and ik kept me warm when I needed to be warm (as a part of a multi-layer system off course), I could unzip when it was too warm, and could keep my liner gloves, Buff and beanie in the pockets. That's got to be worth 3 stars.






Sietowrote a review of on September 8, 2008

Good fit
5 5

The Bird Head Beanie is sized just right for my average sized head. I also ordered a Covert Beanie for my girlfriend, which is also one size fits all, but the Covert is a bit smaller.

I wore it on Kilimanjaro, usually as my only hat, also on Summit Day. Kept me warm enough!